Hyperlocal Business Data

Why Fresh Lead Finder?

Fresh Lead Finder provides fresh hyperlocal business data and supports all countries.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, we don't primarily use LinkedIn data.

Most small businesses aren't on LinkedIn. So you're not getting the data you really need to do effective cold email marketing or cold calling. Think about it - how many of your local accountants or barber shops are on LinkedIn? Very few.

Our software finds you lists of small businesses containing all of their contact data and other useful data points, including social media channels, google rankings, web technology, ad identification and more. Search by industry or keyword and get hundreds of prospects in minutes, export, clean, and start turning them into clients and new sales revenue.

What you can do with Fresh Lead Finder:

  • Generate business lead lists in minutes
  • Find thousands of prospects to begin emailing every day
  • Auto-follow or message on social media for multi-touch marketing
  • Identify website technology and running ads
  • See google rankings
  • So much more!

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