Here we outline how we use each piece of information we collect from you, and why. If anything is unclear in our privacy policy please get in touch with us via our contact form here.

Payment Information

Your payment will be processed by Paddle. If your order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns. Payment information (these include name, location, contact details, and billing information) provided by you will be stored and processed by All such information is subject to the privacy policy of (available here). If you see the transaction on your bank statement as PADDLE* FRESHLEAD - your payments are processed via Paddle

Paddle and Fresh Lead Finder have a legitimate interest to use provided data for product fulfilment, order processing, fraud prevention, and product support.

Usage Information

We collect your input such as Keywords, Locations search terms and other data inputted by yourself during normal use of the software in order to process your request. We store this data so we can provide you a history of this information.

Device Information, IP Address and Basic Usage Cookies

In order to ensure you can stay logged into your account, and that we show you the correct view, to detect fraud, make tax calculations, and to ensure the correct function of the website, we will collect basic device information shared by your browser or internet service provider which will include browser, operating system, IP Address, languages supported, device type and more.

Visitor Statistics and Tracking

In order to accurately track the current position of our business and growth or shrinkage, we use a service provided by Google to track visitors throughout the website. This service is called Google Analytics and the privacy policy may be viewed at here. The information Google may collect will include (but not limited to) your browser, IP address, supported language, pageviews on our website, amount of time on page.

We use a service from Facebook which allows us to target visitors of our website later with advertisements on the facebook platform. We do this so we can ensure users receive targeted advertisements. You can view Facebooks Privacy Policy here. The information Facebook may collect will include pages viewed, IP address, products purchased and unique ID's which can track back to your facebook profile.

User Provided Data inc. Phone/Email/Name

We will only use the provided data from your account for support queries, account related issues, payment reviews or sharing general information with you. We don't sell or share this data with other third parties and this data is not included in our software. If you wish to view the data from your account, correct it, modify it, or completely remove the data from our database, you may request that here. From time to time Fresh Lead Finder may use your contact details to send out marketing email shots, if you would not like us to use your details in this way, please contact Fresh Lead Finder to remove your details from the internal database.

In order to accurately collect your phone number and verify this, we use a company called RingCaptcha to send an SMS confirmation code and verify the code you input matches the code they sent. You can view RingCaptchas privacy policy here. RingCaptcha only use the information to perform a technical verification of the phone number to allow us to more accurately verify users who sign up to the service.

Subject Access Request: If you wish to view the data we hold on you, update or delete the data, please contact us.

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