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Learn about the methods, and sources, we use to collect the data we serve to our lead generation software users.

Scraping the Web

The data we scrape from the world wide web is open source, or publicly available information.

That means that all of the business data you find within our software is available to access free of charge from a number of different sources. Our value is having the ability to bring it all together, and organise it for your convenience.

Some of our data sources include the following:

  • Business directories
  • Search engines
  • Business networks
  • Public websites
  • Company registers
  • Databases via expensive APIs

Data Collection is Expensive

As you can imagine, scraping the web quickly becomes expensive when utilising multiple sources, and even more so when you're collecting multiple data points like we do. For example, names, emails, addresses, social links, etc.

Fortunately, we're not a funded company so large profit margins aren't important to us. That's why we can keep our prices low whilst actively investing so much into our data. Fresh Lead Finder is a growth hacked company, meaning we grow the company with creative, low-cost marketing strategies in order to reinvest our profits back into the product.

Future Investments in Even Better Data

As pointed out on our about page, we have one goal - to create the best software in its class.

We plan to continue reinvesting as much as our growth allows, providing more and more of the marketing data you need in order to better discover your target market, decision makers and business intelligence.

Just some of the things we're working on:

  • Official company data
    • Accounts
    • Directors
    • Key financials
    • Etc.
  • Employee information
  • More data points
  • Increased business types
  • Browser extension

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