Multi-Touch Outbound Marketing

Multi-Touch Marketing

See how Fresh Lead Finder can help you to run effective multi-touch marketing campaigns that deliver impressive ROI.

Multi-touch marketing is an incredibly effective way of driving more sales for your business.

At Fresh Lead Finder our lead generation software builds high quality marketing lists which support multi-touch campaigns as standard, providing email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, social media channels and Messenger links.

Here's an example marketing list from our software:

Fresh Lead Finder

Each of these contact data points can be used to design and schedule outreach sequences that will ensure you're always in the mind of your new prospects, increasing the chances of securing new sales and revenue for your business.

Think about it. It's easy to ignore a cold email, even delete it and never think about it again. But if your company name has already lightly engaged by following your prospect on social media, interacting with their content, or any other interaction across multiple marketing channels then you're far more likely to get their attention and, hopefully, sale.

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