Yelp Data Scraper

Yelp Scraper

Scraping business data from Yelp can be extremely difficult and frustrating - not simply because you need an effective web scraping tool or script on a server, but also because you need a lot of proxies to avoid getting banned from them.

Fresh Lead Finder is an advanced lead finding tool and email finder for hyperlocal business data.

We've built an incredibly powerful yelp scraper within the core of our software which ensures that we pull in as many businesses and useful data points as possible from Yelp when our users are running lead searches. As one of the largest business directories in the world it really adds to the data we generate for our users, providing a lot of value.

Data points we grab from Yelp:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Category
  • Reviews
  • Website

We then further enrich each business we scrape from Yelp, providing you with email addresses, social media links, reviews from Google and Facebook, and so much more. It's fantastic B2B prospecting data.

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