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Fresh Lead Finder is an industry-leading lead finder for discovering and compiling B2B email lists which can be used to add new revenue to your business through the use of cold emailing and cold calling campaigns.

Within our powerful software we've built a very smart phone number extractor which works to pull B2B phone numbers from a variety of sources, including websites, GMB listings, Facebook, directories, and more. You can find them in bulk in any industry and any town or city, in any country in the world, in just minutes. Perfect for telemarketing campaigns!

Our Phone Number Scraper

Let's say you're a marketing agency and your ideal client is accountants in the North West of England.

In our software you'd enter "Accountant" as your keyword, and then enter a city such as Manchester or Liverpool. Hit search and our crawlers will go off and find you lots of potential prospects with phone numbers, in just 60 seconds.

You can then use our filters and additional data points such as ad identification, SSL errors, tech stacks, online reviews, verified GMBs, etc. to narrow down the results in order to highlight the businesses that are suitable to you. Our B2B number scraper has done its job and will give you a huge list of phone numbers to begin running through. It really is so powerful.

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