LinkedIn Email Scraper

LinkedIn Scraper

Finding email addresses on LinkedIn is difficult, unless you're using powerful software like ours that is.

Within our powerful free lead finder software we have built a powerful and effective LinkedIn scraper which assists us in the process of enriching our b2b email database with the best possible data for giving you the best chance of success when it comes down to cold emailing or calling the businesses we find from your unique defined criteria.

How We Scrape LinkedIn Data

If you've tried before, you'll know just how difficult it is to successfully scrape LinkedIn data.

Not bacause creating scrapers is difficult but because of the blocking defences LinkedIn employ as well as the number of robust proxies required to successfully get data in the huge amounts required to match user demand.

We have managed to create a number of extremely effective crawlers and scrapers specifically for LinkedIn within our lead generation software. We use it not only to enrich the business data we pull for our users, but also to build our professional / people database ready for launch later on, which is a much requested feature.

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