Local Lead Scraper

B2B Lead Scraper

Use our local lead scraper to find B2B leads in any industry and country in the world, in around 60 seconds.

We've built an extremely powerful business lead scraper from the ground up within our lead finder.

Our local lead scraper helps you to find hyperlocal business data and potential sales prospects by keyword or industry, anywhere in the world. The scraper will also provide you with a variety of data points such as business name and contact details, social media links, website, tech stack and web issues (mobile friendly and SSL), ad detection and more.

Why Use Our Lead Scraper?

Compared with many of the existing lead scraping software solutions on the market, we provide one of the best options from a value perspective when you consider our affordable price plans and also the value offered with our vast data.

Not only that, but we are committed to building an industry leading tool over the next year.

Our core lead scraper software is made up of a variety of smart scrapers, crawlers, an email finder and verifier, and many other bits and pieces which help to pull in data from a variety of sources, enrich business profiles and serve you with the best data possible in order to assist you in adding revenue to your business through outbound marketing.

Lead Scrape Alternative

Lead Scrape is an alternative lead scraper similar to our own lead finder.

The main difference between the two products is that Lead Scrape is downloadable native software whereas ours is based in the cloud, providing easy access anywhere in the world, and on any device, at any time.

Fresh Lead Finder also beats Lead Scrape with search speeds, which is very important given that time is money, and we all have less and less of it to waste as our lives get busier. A typical Lead Scrape search takes around 40 minutes whereas a search with our own lead scraper takes in the region of 60 seconds. A huge difference.

Our lead scraper also supports bulk searching in up to 120 cities at once, or 120 keywords at once.

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