Fresh Lead Finder


See what makes our software so great for business leads and data.

Fresh Lead Finder has been built from the ground up with one clear goal.

That goal is to find, scrape and deliver as many good quality leads as possible for the many founders, startups, agencies and entrepreneurs who are using our software to generate sales through cold email, cold calling and direct mail.

Here are just some of the many features found in our software:

  • Google Maps Scraper
    It's arguably the biggest 'directory' of business data in the world. All of our lead searches begin with a run through Google Maps data as well as the first 100 results of a Google search. This sets the foundation for all our data.
  • Yelp Scraper
    With more than 170 million monthly visitors a month, Yelp is another critical source for business data. We get additional data points here as well as collecting any ratings and reviews businesses have collected.
  • LinkedIn Scraper
    It's the largest business network in the world, so it makes sense for us look here to further enrich our data in an attempt to expand upon what we already know about all of the businesses in our database.
  • Facebook Scraper
    With more than 80 million business Facebook Pages back in 2018, it really is a no-brainer for us to look here for additional data points. We love businesses who keep their Facebook Pages up to date.
  • Email Extractor
    Finding email addresses is tricky and requires significant resource to get right, but we've managed to create a fantastic email scraper that gets us a high percentage of business emails.
  • Phone Number Extractor
    Phone numbers are a bit more readily available verses email addresses, but they can still be quite tricky to find because a lot of businesses tend to have outdated information. But we've built a very effective scraper for them.
  • Lead Scraper
    It sits at the core of our lead generation software - it's responsible for the majority of the business data provided by our software. Find data by keyword or industry in any country in the world.

Local Leads. Any Industry. B2B Data. Interested?