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Email Finder

Use our free email finder tool below to find any email address in just a few seconds. Our email finder software is the best.

Email Finder

Finding email addresses for the businesses and people you wish to sell your products or services to can be very challenging, and that's why we're working on an extremely powerful email finder similar to Hunter, only ours is completely free.

Why use our free email finder:

  • It's 100% free, with unlimited usage while we build our database
  • Smart crawlers scouring the web 24/7 for the best contacts with accuracy in mind
  • Find all email addresses at a company with one single search
  • Enrich your data with our lead finder software

Our email finder tool is not ready just yet, but it will be here once it is.

Fresh Lead Finder is a leading lead finder for quickly finding potential B2B prospects in any industry or country in the world, providing you with email lists containing all of the data you need to quickly identify your ideal target customer. The data will provide everything you need to reach out to them via email, telephone, social media or classic snail mail.

What is the point of email finder tools?

Outbound marketing (cold emailing) is a big part of any businesses marketing activity today.

Whether it's for link building / outreach, reaching out to businesses to sell them your products or services as an agency, or any other use case you can think of. An email finder gets you in contact with the person who matters so that you have the best chance of securing a sale, meeting or call with your ideal business sales prospects.

Email Finder FAQs

Not sure how to get the most out of our free email finder tool? See our FAQs below.

How does this email finder work?

It's quite simple, actually - simply enter any domain name into the email finder tool above and wait.

Our software will take the domain and run it through our ever-growing database in real-time, showing you any matches we have when they're available. You can then click on the domain to see all available email addresses for that company.

Where does it find business email addresses?

We've built a number of dedicated web crawlers and scrapers from the ground up, and compiled large lists of the best sources which we monitor and scrape continuously in order to build a huge database for our email finder.

Every time we find emails for you, we'll show you a source link where we discovered it on the web.

Why is the email finder free?

Our core product is a local lead finder for lists of businesses and data by industry, but one of our goals is to also build a worthy Hunter alternative and so we're investing in it and providing it free while building our database.

Will this email finder find all email addresses?

Not necessarily - we can only discover emails that are listed somewhere on the web.

But even in cases where we don't find an email address for the person you're looking for at a company, you can look at the common format with their email addresses. For example, [email protected] or [email protected], etc. You can safely assume that the person you're trying to get in contact with has a similar format for their own company email address.

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