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Email Finder

Finding email addresses for the businesses and people you wish to sell your products or services to can be very challenging, and that's why we're working on an extremely powerful email finder similar to Hunter, only ours is completely free for now.

Why use our free email finder:

  • It's 100% free, with unlimited usage while we build our database
  • Smart crawlers scouring the web 24/7 for the best contacts with accuracy in mind
  • Find all email addresses at a company with one single search
  • Enrich your data with our lead finder software

Our email finder tool is not ready just yet, but it will be here once it is.

Fresh Lead Finder is a leading lead finder for quickly finding potential B2B prospects in any industry or country in the world, providing you with email lists containing all of the data you need to quickly identify your ideal target customer. The data will provide everything you need to reach out to them via email, telephone, social media or classic snail mail.

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