Cold Email Marketing

Cold Emailing

See how Fresh Lead Finder can help you to send, and close, more cold emails to b2b companies. Instantly. Easily.

Are you currently sending out cold emails? Or looking to begin a cold email marketing campaign?

Fresh Lead Finder might be just what you're looking for.

Our local lead generation software will find you hundreds of potential leads in any industry. You can search in any town or city, in any country in the world. And the results take just a few short minutes, allowing you to cold outreach right away.

Here's how our cold email leads look:

Realtors Miami in Fresh Lead Finder

As you can see from the above image, we collect many great data points.

Business names, emails, phone numbers and addresses are just the basic things we collect. We also grab technology data, identify active running ads, google rankings, website errors and SSL issues. And so much more.

That's everything you need to identify your potential clients and begin reaching them with cold emails.

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