What's PADDLE.NET* on My Bank Statement? Explained

By Marty Rogers on Feb. 16, 2021


Noticed a transaction on your bank statement to PADDLE.NET?

Or maybe a PADDLE.COM charge?

Don't worry, these charges are usually legitimate payments that have been done yourself, but sometimes it's hard to identify the vendor at a later date.

Here at Fresh Lead Finder we use Paddle to process subscription payments within our app. We show up as PADDLE.NET* FRESHL on bank statements.

Or some close variation of that. Every bank is different.

Here's an example:

Paddle Charge

Tips for Paddle charges:

  • Paddle process payments for SaaS and software products and apps
  • Look for clues in the name after PADDLE.NET*
  • Search your email inbox for the transaction reference
  • Check payment details if it's a PayPal charge
  • Think about things you've signed up for recently and query support
  • Don't request a chargeback as this can hurt vendors

What is Paddle?

Paddle is a subscription billing software and payment processor for B2B SaaS.

So if you're using any cloud-based apps or software, such as our own lead generation software, then your payment is probably for that. But it's worth double-checking.

Paddle don't just process credit and debit card payments.

They also support PayPal payments.

Paddle also act as a Merchant of Record (MOR) for their vendors.

Bottom Line

If you notice a paddle com charge or paddle net charge, don't be concerned.

Look for clues in the transaction reference on your bank statement or PayPal, and then run it through your email inbox to see if anything comes back.

Whatever you do, don't file a chargeback.

This can potentially negatively affect vendors if it happens too often.

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