B2B Email Marketing Lists

B2B Email Lists

Looking for good quality B2B mailing lists? Fresh Lead Finder has email lists in all industries and countries in the world.

Are you looking for high quality local B2B email lists for your next cold email marketing campaign?

Our lead finder software, Fresh Lead Finder, has a huge email database which you can pull from instantly right now. Enter any keyword or industry, select any town or city in any country in the world, and it'll find email leads instantly.

Using our software you can create up to 100 business email lists per day which, combined, could contain up to 50,000 fresh business leads per day, depending on the plan you're on. There's no need to source your own B2B email list providers because our lead generation tool was built to be used by people with no technical knowledge at all. Just give it a try free!

Here's how our email address lists look in your Dashboard:

Fresh Lead Finder

This was a search done for Web Design in New York. It provided 771 email leads in one single marketing list.

We have many more data points than you see in the image above, all of which are provided in CSV and Excel exports.

What's in Our Email Lists

All of our B2B email lists contain a number of useful data points, including:

  • Business name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Postal address
  • Website URL
  • Social media channels
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Ad identification
  • Technology identification
  • Google rankings
  • Business categories

This isn't an exhaustive list. We collect and provide many more in all mailing lists. See here.

That's enough data to identify the exact leads that matter to your business, and to then reach them in a variety of ways including, of course, cold email. But cold calling and direct mail is also an option. Whatever brings in new sales.

How to Get B2B Email Lists Today

It's unbelievably easy to get started. You will be pulling from our B2B email database in minutes.

Just create an account with us first.

Once logged into your Dashboard, head to your Settings page. Then click on Plan & Billing.

Select whichever plan suits you and your data needs. For example, if you only need a few email lists and only send out cold emails occasionally, the Starter plan will do for you. If you have higher data needs, there are plans for you too.

Industries We Cover

We literally have B2B email data for every single industry in the world.

That's because our software doesn't just rely on a database that has been pre-filled. Every time you run a search with us, we go out and find fresh leads from a variety of different sources to ensure you always have the best data and B2B lists.

Local Leads. Any Industry. B2B Data. Interested?