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Lead Kahuna Alternative

Looking for a powerful alternative to Lead Kahuna? Fresh Lead Finder provides more leads at a fraction of the cost.

Lead Kahuna

Lead Kahuna launched more than five years ago and is an established lead finder in the industry.

It looks like a pretty good piece of kit for discovering new business leads, but the problem is they aren't cloud-based software like ourselves. Instead, you have to download the package to your PC or Mac, which is pretty old school.

There's one major problem I see with Lead Kahuna. Their pricing begins at $299 for one year, which isn't bad in itself if it provides everything you need to source leads. But it doesn't. If you want to discover more than 150 leads per day then you need to plug your own proxies into it. Another further cost. We provide up to 50,000 leads a day with no proxies.

It does create decent email lists, though, which is one of the most important things. I have to be fair.

Here's how Lead Kahuna looks in action:

Lead Kahuna

Bragging rights:

  • Find unlimited leads daily, but you need proxies (can become costly)
  • Lots of data points collected

That's about it. It doesn't look great and it's not cloud-based software.

Fresh Lead Finder

Fresh Lead Finder is a real, unrivalled powerhouse in the lead generation game.

Drop in any keyword or industry and it'll go off and find you hundreds of high quality business leads in any town or city, in any country in the world, in just a few short minutes. And we collect so many great data points for cold email and telemarketing.

Our data also supports social media marketing campaigns and multi-touch marketing because we provide links to social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Messenger links, for all businesses. We also collect addresses, categories, website schema, technology used, detect active ads, and more. Seriously powerful stuff.

Here's how Fresh Lead Finder looks in action:

Fresh Lead Finder

That was a search for Web Design leads in New York, with 751 results.

Awesome data. Lots of tech, socials, reviews, and more.

Bragging rights:

  • Find leads in any country in the world
  • Search by industry or keyword
  • Low monthly pricing, and 2 months free yearly
  • Free accounts to test-drive the platform
  • Hundreds of leads within minutes
  • Lots of export options

It has everything you need, and more. You must try it.

Lead Kahuna vs. Fresh Lead Finder

So which B2B lead generation software should you be using, Lead Kahuna or Fresh Lead Finder?

Well, it depends entirely on what sort of data you want and how much you want to pay out for it on a monthly and yearly basis. With us you get more data than you'll know what to do with, for a low monthly fee with an all-inclusive product with no additional costs for proxies, etc. Can you really say the same thing for Lead Kahuna? I don't think so.

Also see our D7 lead finder alternative page.

Local Leads. Any Industry. B2B Data. Interested?