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Lead Carrot Alternative

Looking for a powerful alternative to Lead Carrot? Fresh Lead Finder provides more leads at a fraction of the cost.

Lead Carrot

Launched in 2018, Lead Carrot is a pretty strong player in the local lead gen space.

Their offering is fairly unique in that they are trying to provide an all-in-one solution comprising lead finder, CRM pipelines and email sending. The saying 'jack of all trades, master of none' springs to mind, unfortunately. It's a bad idea.

There are many awesome CRM and email marketing platforms out there already so there's simply no need to try to build your own. It's not going to compete on features and effectiveness, which takes away from user campaigns. And it takes away focus from the core product - business leads. And I bet Lead Carrot users have noticed this themselves.

Bragging rights:

  • Pricing from $47 /month
  • Up to 315 searches /week
  • Pipelines
  • Email campaigns

Here's how Lead Carrot search results look:

Lead Carrot

Fresh Lead Finder

On the other hand, here at Fresh Lead Finder our focus is entirely on providing the best local business leads.

Our software launched in March 2021 so we are admittedly the new guys on the block, but you wouldn't think it when you take a look at the data we're already serving up to users. And it's going to get much better over the coming months.

We collect many more data points than Lead Carrot and we're currently building a complex multi-touch algorithm that will enable more accurate searching and reach based on a scoring system similar to that of Google. We're also working on people data so you can get the contact details for individual employees with specific titles. It's all in the pipeline.

Bragging rights:

  • Free account with 10 searches /day
  • Pricing from $19.99 /month
  • Up to 120 daily searches
  • Up to 50,000 leads per day
  • Sexy design
  • CSV and Excel exports
  • Sub accounts
  • Bulk searching
  • API access

Here's how Fresh Lead Finder search results look:

Fresh Lead Finder

We collect 27 different data points as of right now, with many more to come.

Lead Carrot vs. Fresh Lead Finder

So which is the right software for you? Lead Carrot or Fresh Lead Finder?

Obviously it's hard for us not to be biased towards our own product, but we think it's definitely worth trying both of them to see which suits your objectives best. We're probably better in some areas, and they'll be better in others.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are brand new to the market, so we're looking for users to growth with us over the next few years and to help us with feedback and feature requests. Our goal is to become an industry leader


  • Lead Carrot launched 2 years ago
  • Fresh Lead Finder is cheaper, with plans for everyone
  • Lead Carrot supports emailing on the platform
  • Fresh Lead Finder collects more than 20 data points
  • Lead Carrot has no free plan
  • Fresh Lead Finder provides 10 free searches a day
  • Lead Carrot hasn't changed much since launch
  • Fresh Lead Finder is adding new features every single month
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