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Looking for a powerful alternative to Anyleads? Fresh Lead Finder provides better data and it's cheaper.

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Anyleads isn't really a lead finder like Fresh Lead Finder, although they claim it to be such.

I gave it a try and it's essentially an enrichment product. So you take a list of domains you have found and then it goes off and attempts to return data for those domains, but it's very poor as you'd imagine with so many overstated tools.

Scraping the web, storing and cleansing data, etc. is all very expensive as it requires many integrated systems, powerful and expansive resources as well as many proxies in order to do it effectively as we do. Anyleads simply don't have the capability to do that when trying to offer so many different tools, and it shows in their data and their negative user reviews online.

If you're a current user, you've likely realised this, and that's why you're here.

Give us a try, you won't be disappointed with our data.

Here's how Anyleads looks:


Bragging rights:

  • Multiple tools for one monthly price
  • Affordable pricing
  • Nice looking website, although the app is cluttered

That's about it, really, unfortunately.

Fresh Lead Finder

Fresh Lead Finder is the real deal when it comes to B2B data and finding business leads.

Our software was built from the ground up. It will take a keyword you enter and return hundreds, sometimes even thousands of businesses in any town or city, and in any country in the entire world. It will get all of their contact details, too.

Unlike Anyleads, we have the capability to scale our product to extraordinary levels of data collection, storage and delivery, and our roadmap for the next 12 months is extremely exciting. We're going to be providing features, functionality and data points that nobody else in this industry is, at unrivalled price-points. Get onboard now with us now.

Here's how Fresh Lead Finder looks in action:

Fresh Lead Finder

That was a search for Web Design leads in New York, with 751 results.

Bragging rights:

  • Find business leads in any industry
  • Search in any country
  • Low monthly pricing with yearly discounts
  • Sexy dashboard
  • Exciting roadmap of features coming
  • Bulk search

As you can see, extremely powerful lead generation functionality. Great for cold emailers.

Anyleads vs. Fresh Lead Finder

So which B2B lead generation software should you be using, Anyleads or Fresh Lead Finder?

If you want to pay more money to enrich a list of domains that you already have, with lacklustre results and inevitable disappointment then Anyleads is for you. If, on the other hand, you want to pay less money to find fresh leads based on your own search criteria and be left with exceptional data that will help you close more sales, then you need us.

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