Lead Finder

Introducing Fresh Lead Finder – the smartest, most powerful and advanced b2b lead finder for scraping local leads online for use in your outbound marketing campaigns – cold emailing, cold calling and direct mailing. Why buy email lists when you can create your own with our business data?

Finding local leads doesn’t have to break the bank. Our b2b lead generation software makes finding b2b leads a doddle with an affordable cloud-based app that helps you to find thousands of business leads instantly using any keyword, in any city or town and country in the world. B2B data includes business names, email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and more. Simply put, it’s the ultimate business leads scraper.

Fresh Lead Finder Features:

  • Business Scraper
    Find fresh leads by keyword or industry, in any country in the world. Search by town, city or state.
  • Email Extractor
    Our best-in-class email scraper will find the best email address for every business and verify them on the fly to ensure the lowest bounce rate possible when you are running cold email campaigns.
  • Phone Number Extractor
    A powerful phone number scraper is built into our lead finder, which is perfect if you’re planning a wide-reaching telemarketing campaign. Cold calling data has never been so affordable.
  • Business Addresses
    Despite what many claim, direct mailing is still a very effective form of outbound marketing if done right. We will scrape business addresses for you, by keyword or industry, anywhere in the world.
  • Business Social Profiles
    Along with all of the other great business data our lead extractor software finds for you, we also find social links for every business. Social profiles we find include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Lead Data Exporting
    Take your new lead data with you and start utilising it to increase your revenue. Export via CSV, Excel, and more, ready for importing into your favourite CRM or cold emailing software.

Lead Finder FAQs

Fresh Lead Finder is a powerful b2b lead finding web app that enables you to create marketing lists containing b2b data including business names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, social profile links, and more. It scrapes leads by any keyword or industry, anywhere in the world, so it's extremely powerful and flexible.

This software is specifically for finding b2b business data. So it's useful for businesses who sell to, or work with, other businesses. It is not for B2C businesses. For example, recruitment agencies, marketing agencies and accountants would benefit greatly from utilising Fresh Lead Finder as it would enable them to introduce themselves and their services to other businesses.

The number of leads found depends on the search criteria used. For example, if you're looking for Dentists in London, you might get over a thousand lead results with a lot of b2b data. If you're looking for Dinosaur Museums in Alaska, on the other hand, then you'll likely get no lead results. Or very few. We scrape a number of the biggest b2b data sources online, including Google, Yellow Pages, Bing, Central Index, and more, so you'll always get plenty of leads where businesses are established.